Joe Genco

Position: 2 YEARS

My name is Joe Genco and I am a Leader of the 7th-grade boys’ small group!
I have been involved with CVCYouth since I graduated from nursing school back in 2018. I currently work at Fairview Hospital as an SICU RN. Though my nursing schedule is chaotic and completely inconsistent, it is an honor and delight to be able to invest time in discipling these younger men. I grew up at CVC and was highly involved with Collide/Impact in my middle school and high school years. I deeply value the leaders that had invested so much into helping me become the man I am today and I am so excited to give back.
My goal is to provide students a safe environment where they can build God-honoring friendships. I also aim to be a role model where students know they have a leader who hears them, cares for them, and is always ready and equipped to humbly help them take the next steps in becoming a disciple of Jesus.