Mike & Kristen Hopkins

Position: 5 YEARS

Mike and Kristen Hopkins were good friends in high school, dated in college, and got married way back in 1994. They are parents to 6 wonderful kids: Will, Jack, Luke, Mike Jr., Mariama, and Mackenzie. Neither Mike or Kristen grew up in a Christian home, and we’re so thankful (and still are) for friends who were courageous and loving enough to share the message of hope found in Jesus Christ! While they had different pasts, they both were immediately excited to share the life-changing truth of Jesus with their friends. While they attended college, they both were deeply involved leading a high school ministry called Young Life at two different schools. Mike works vocationally as the COO of a franchise organization and Kristen serves at CVC as the Local Serve Coordinator in addition to being COO at home. They count themselves blessed to live life with their kids and do life with high school students and other leaders.