Cort Cable

Position: 7 YEARS
Born in Northwest Ohio and moving around in childhood, Cort found a home in Greater Cleveland for the last 30 years. During his formative teenage years in Bay Village, he was led to salvation through Jesus Christ by Young Life Staffers at the high school. This act of kindness and volunteerism left a lasting impression on him as he attributes the time he currently spends teaching and discipling to students from his own experiences.

Cort has lived in Valley View since 2010 and has been an active member at CVC during that time. When he’s not posing as a Software Administrator sitting in an office chair, he aspires to be outside. Some of his interests are trap shooting, gardening, ping pong, disc golf and running. For the last year he has been learning to play the mandolin and loves bluegrass. Stop by and visit in the winter to see his backyard ice rink!