Jack Hopkins

Position: Assistant Director
Jack Hopkins:
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Jack Hopkins serves as the Assistant Director of Ministry for CVCYouth. Jack graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. Growing up in the Cleveland area, CVC became Jack’s home church during his freshman year of high school in 2014 through the youth program. He’s taken up roles recently through leading the worship team and the weekly meeting team at the University of Toledo’s Cru movement for the past three years. He has found joy in the Lord through his worship ministry and the discipleship of college peers. Jack is a game fanatic, anything from the classic board game to sporting events, and is in love with all things Cleveland. He now functions primarily in the areas of outreach, service, and technical programming. He works closely with para-church organizations in the area and builds relationships with local school administration with the goal of inviting students to New Life in Christ. Jack works with our send team at CVC to help get students involved in serving inside the walls of CVC and outside the walls in the community. He also helps to organize worship and tech for all big events and weekly programming.