Kristin Brauer

Position: 4 YEARS

I became involved with CVCYouth in February of 2018 only 5 months after becoming married to Drake Brauer. After having to forfeit my dream of becoming a middle school teacher, my friend Carolyn Lorow suggested that I get involved with Collide. Although I had my hesitations at first, I have loved every second of it. My favorite memory of Collide was during Frontlines when I watched my group of girls spend a whole week growing in patience, kindness, and leadership to care for a girl with special needs. Rather than being competitive and focusing on their desire to win, every day they shifted their focus on making this girl feel important, safe, and included. Outside of CVCYouth I help teach special needs at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. In my spare time I enjoy crafting, designing, sports, singing, reading, cooking, board games, and spending time with family and friends.