Lisa Richardson

Position: 3 YEARS
Lisa Richardson is the CVCYouth’s intern! Lisa has been with the team for the past five months. In the office she spends most of her time at her desk working on special projects, event planning, and administrative tasks (she’s the quiet one)!  During CVCYouth events, you can find Lisa crushing behind-the-scenes tasks.One of the most unique things about Lisa’s internship is that she had to raise her own funds to be here! Lisa is CVCYouth’s own missionary! Lisa would love to chat with you about this opportunity! She loves to share why she is passionate about ministry and what got her to this point! Lisa assists the CVCYouth staff in planning events, working on lead measure data, and with girls’ LifeGroups in Collide. She holds a degree in Educational Ministries from Clark’s Summit University (2020). If she is not working, you will find her drinking coffee, watching Disney+ or hanging with friends. Originally from Orlando, Florida, she is the youngest of 4 children, and an Aunt to three beautiful nieces.