Stacie Brandt

Position: 7 YEARS
Stacie was born and raised in Iowa. She has her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education from Clarks Summit University. After completing her degree Stacie came to CVC as an intern in the Youth and Missions department in order to learn more about ministry. Stacie now works full time with Rahab Ministries and volunteers with CVCYouth as a LifeGroup leader.
Being a LifeGroup leader means a lot to Stacie because growing up it was her youth leaders that played a huge role in her life, and she wants to do the same for the students of CVC. Stacie loves to serve and help out wherever she can. She is passionate about mentoring students as they make their faith their own. If not at church, Stacie can be found in a coffee shop, with friends playing board games, or at home doing something crafty and enjoying a good action movie.